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With ServicePoint, you can offer custom service contracts, including tiered pricing levels, local discounts and customer accommodations. ServicePoint’s expiration feature lets you tie in service contract enrollment with limited-time offers, promoting quicker customer response.

  • Fully customizable to your service plan programs
  • Utilizes your existing service contracts, terms and conditions
  • “Set it and forget it” with company-wide defaults
  • Auto-fills data fields with customer information and pricing
  • “I agree” check boxes can be included as needed
  • Stores and archives completed service agreements
  • PDF contracts are emailed to client for his/her files
  • Completely electronic; reduces paper, processing and postage expenses
  • Automated system is accessible 24/7
  • Connects to your online account management portal


Saves Time, Resources and Money

When you mail a traditional paper service contract, it costs you valuable time, resources and money. You need to print it, mail it first class, or have a company representative visit the home and present it in person. Then you have to wait for the customer to receive and review the service contract and return it via your postage paid return envelope (or wait for a return trip from your company representative). During this time, you could have sold the contract and perhaps even have billed for a service call!

ServicePoint reduces the number of printed contracts you’ll send out, and speeds the entire approval process – it can be reviewed, completed, paid for and returned to you within minutes, electronically. Expiration dates can be set to further expedite the enrollment process.