Make it Easy to Sign a Service Contract and Deepen the Relationship

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One of the best ways to build stronger relationships with customers is to offer them products and services that they can easily purchase online.

In home comfort, a service contract is an ideal instrument for tightening customer connections. The agreement increases the customer’s commitment and enables the company to increase revenue from the service team it already employs and trains.

To make service contracts available online, the company needs to run a self-service application such as PriMedia’s ServicePoint on its website. The customer can use the app to review their contract options, provide information about their equipment, and then execute the contract on the spot by signing electronically.

Instantaneous service contract purchasing is a great addition to a strong self-service website. Customers expect seamless online convenience from all the companies they use, and home comfort providers have the tools available to meet those high expectations.

Superior online service begins with online account access using an application such as PriMedia’s InVue. Customers register at the site to access their account information, which is served up securely by the company’s back office software package, regardless of what vendor you use. They can view whatever the back office software can make available, which typically includes delivery history, service history, budget plan status and management of payment methods.

Service contract purchasing is a particularly valuable addition to the self-service menu, because the customer makes a strong commitment by signing a service contract, and their account becomes far more valuable. As such, marketers benefit by promoting service contracts with strong informational resources about the company and the agreement itself. Some marketers make compelling special offers and advertise them on Google.

Customers have high expectations, and they prefer companies that automate virtually the entire relationship. To excel in customer acquisition and retention, consider offering all of the following: